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Corporate and Public courses

Our course leaders are experienced presenters and trainers within the public and corporate sector. 
We are dedicated to providing exceptional training, education and support for all of our courses and workshops.

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Public and Wellness Courses

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Corporate Courses

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Walking and Posture Courses

Sunday 10 November 2019 - Natural Walking Workshop South Melbourne

When: Sunday 10 November 2019
Time: 9.30 am - 3.45 pm

Where: 478 Saint Kilda Rd Melbourne 3004

Age proof knees and hips, improve posture and reduce pain in the body!

Our habit of improper walking results in imbalances in the body and directly impacts our overall health.
With Natural Walking, you learn to identify many common mistakes in walking and how to fix them. Theory is combined with interactive, practical exercises in the one day walking workshop. These help guide you to learn the profoundly simple 6 moves in each step, to enjoy the many benefits from walking and standing properly and naturally. Incorporating proper walking and standing techniques addresses the root causes of problems such as pain and discomfort and naturally helps to adjust and correct them.
On the day, your walking and standing technique will be assessed, identifying how the feet are placed and weight distribution. Do you rest on your hip bones and do you put strain on the knees when walking and standing?
You will learn 6 simple ways to change your posture and walking to prevent knee, hip, back, leg and shoulder pain. The 6 simple moves will assist in changing muscles memory to recruit new muscle fibres in the legs and core.
Most of the simple techniques are done on the spot so you can practice the width of the steps and how to place the feet.
On the day wear comfortable clothing, we will practice the techniques with shoes off, wear socks to keep your toes warm and pants that can be rolled above the ankles so we can view feet placement.
Fun and interactive day.

A discount is availble for Pensioner & disability concession card Holders


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